Proxy Server in general, is an application or program that serves as an agent or a middleman, acting on your behalf, to any activity over the internet. For a World Wide Web to be accessed, your computer must give an IP address to which all of your requests will be delivered to but because of the presence of harmful websites and application, giving away your IP address is not a safe way to conduct any transaction over the internet as it can be an entry point for the third party to invade your computer, and access information that can be detrimental to your operation or harmful for your sensitive data. By using a proxy server, you can eliminate this worry and can readily access the internet without the problem of being traced and or followed. Proxy server hides your true identity and replaces your IP address with its own IP address.

Unprotectweb is the ultimate proxy site to access blocked websites. Unprotectweb allows you to bypass firewalls that might be blocked at school or work. This proxy site provides a clean and sharp overall feel.

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